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You definitely got swindled. Today, I received a letter stating why they were unable to finance a home loan for me. Check Today's Mortgage Rates calculator Mortgage Calculators Calculate your monthly mortgage payment using today's rates. Yes 2 No 0. Rocket Fiber 0 reviews.

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Quicken Loans is an online mortgage lending company. Founded as Rock Financial in , Quicken changed course in the s to focus on online lending and has since become a /5(). Quicken Loans, Inc. 33 years in business Headquarters and misleading mortgage offers. In resolving the charges, DFI has received assurance t consumer complaints and competitor challenges /5(K). I visited Quicken Loans website to see what my financing options for a mortgage. I was more interested possibly in a bridge loan because my home is paid off and wanted to sell my home and put the money towards a new home/5().

4089 Quicken Loans Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Our team would like to take a deeper look into your situation. Please email me at Sarah QuickenLoans. Our team would like to research your situation and identify any possible opportunities. If you could, please email additional details and your preferred contact informat If you could, please email me at Sarah QuickenLoans. Our team is currently researching your situation.

Quicken Loans Mortgage Reviews and Complaints. What can we help you with? Write review Call customer care. Product or Service Quality. Customers Don't Like No items. Customers Like No items. Quicken Loans Mortgage Clear all filters 0 of 96 reviews match. Wells Fargo Dealer Services. Added an extra 10 years to my mortgage Jul They also added more payments!

All this of course was never told and they got more money with also another 10 years on us! They are ripping us off so bad! Anonymous Anonymous Aug 10 You definitely got swindled. Yes 1 No 1. Product Quicken Loans Mortgage. Every thing went OK for a while - until I hit hard times about 3 years ago. Instead of being helpful when I fell behind, they kept setting me up on payment plans that didn't help at all Yes 1 No 0.

Quicken Loans - Quicken Loand. Did the online pre approval form. I was told I had to sell my home first, and pay off my vehicles with the proceeds. I filled out some information on line that said if I do so they would tell me in minutes if I qualified for a HARP loan and if it would save me any money. While I was filling out info and before I finished a lady called me saying she was from Quicken loans and was putting me in touch with I called Quicken Loans to inquire about mortgage rates and down payment amounts required for the purchase of an investment property.

I clearly stated to the service rep that I was not interested in completing an application on his recorded line and made sure he knew that I was only I provided all information needed to receive a quote for a mortgage loan. After "reviewing" the information for me and my husband, she stated emphatically "I hate to tell you this, but you will never get a home loan" I advised her we I want to pay the entire shortage and keep my payment the same.

I was told by 3 levels of customer service including the I just signed a contract to buy a home. I filled out an online form and received a call within 2-seconds. It was a woman from quickens loans and then she passed me to a guy.

The next thing I know they are running my credit report without my consent, I just wanted a simple quote from them; I only spoke to a Senior Power Banker about what services were available. At know time did I state I wanted to pursue financing with their company.

Today, I received a letter stating why they were unable to finance a home loan for me. This seems to be a shady way of communicating with So went to buy a house, going through the process they tell me everything looks great, great credit, good appraisal, everything looks good. Week and a half before closing and several thousands of dollars later they wont lend because the house is "unique" to the area Quicken Loans has unethical people working for them!

The loan department or customer Service should never be trusted to look out for the customer. They share your confidential information. Do not use quicken loans 2 days ago. I have had four loan with them but they have gone down hill and will shaft you. My last loan with Quicken is the worst loan I have ever had in my life. They are smooth talkers and have both hands in your pockets. The charge a outrageous rates and disguise it to where I didn't like Sign you up and take your money on a bad loan High sales pressure take your money job.

Quicken Loans - Cheated! Several years ago my husband and I sold our house and bought another house. I worked about miles away and was to come home on weekends. Quicken loan would not put the house as our primary house since they said during the week my husband who was retired and on the Quicken Loans - This is a very unsavory company to try to work with - absolutely nothing they promised did they deliver - they promised one thing and did not deliver Sep Anonymous FuckQuickenLoans 2 days ago horrible company.

Yes 1 No 1. Quicken Loans - Going through my credit report without my consent Sep I visited Quicken Loans website to see what my financing options for a mortgage. I was more interested possibly in a bridge loan because my home is paid off and wanted to sell my home and put the money towards a new home.

Not knowing about Quicken Loans, I only wanted Anonymous Anonymous Sep 10 Thanks for your insightful, well-written and objective experience with Q. Yes 2 No 1. I didn't like That they did not want to answer my questions for my needs. How is Quicken Loans getting away with it? Bad review after another and they are still claiming to be a major lending company.

I truly believe a class action lawsuit is needed. They now have all of my Anonymous T Fisher Sep 07 Worst lender ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Contact Quicken Loans Mailing Address:. Quicken Loans - Not a serious company Aug Like many I was promised something only to learn they were retracting Pre qualified for a loan. Morrical Morrical Aug 30 This company needs to have another class action lawsuit filed against them.

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reviews of Quicken Loans "I've had a mortgage loan for several years through Quicken. All is well until I had to have hail damage repairs to my home. The insurance company made the check for repairs out to my wife and I as well as Quicken, the /5(). While Rocket Mortgage promises to be an efficient mechanism for financing, beware of Quicken Loans' organizational deficiencies and the individual incompetencies of some of their employees. I make these comments with the perspective of having closed on two previous mortgages/5(). Feb 15,  · Quicken Loans has grown from mortgage industry disrupter to mainstream lender. Founded as a brick-and-mortar lender in , then moving to an online platform in Author: Hal M. Bundrick.

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