Can I get a cash advance with my American Express card for $500?

Check your account status. Make sure you'll be able to pay the interest before you take out the advance. Often if a card is used outside of the country, they will view this as suspicious activity and put a hold on your account. Cash advances should be used only in extreme emergencies. Thanks for letting us know. Using Automated Teller Machines In other languages:

Reasons why cash advances are a bad idea

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American Express ATM Locator guides you to the nearest ATM location worldwide! With access to over million ATMs, you’ll never be far from cash. Sometimes, only cash will do. Raising awareness of cash access through American Express marketing campaigns and communication Adding your ATM locations and company logo to the ATM Locator Application processes, cash limits and, ATM functionality may vary from market to market and card type. I can only add that you must understand that an Amex “cash advance” is really a high interest loan and that interest begins as soon as you have the cash. How do you get a cash advance from American Express? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 5 Answers. You need to have a PIN and you go to an ATM and you use your American Express credit.

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An American Express cash advance is easy to access — you’ll simply need to find an ATM after enrolling. Common Question What are the costs associated with an American Express cash advance? You may be able to get cash advances with your credit card, but should you? We'll explain all the different fees involved and things to consider. At this time, we do not accept American Express Cards in TD Bank Stores for over the counter Cash Advances; however, if you're an American Express cardholder with a Personal Identification Number (PIN) you may access our ATMs.

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