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I set up my account maybe years ago when I got my first full time summer job. I've always stuck with it just because it's a hassle to move everything to a new account, but at this point, I'm willing to go through the hassle because that will be less of one than dealing with Regions customer service one more time. This loan is ideal for home improvements or debt consolidation. Why would you go through so much trouble to put yourself liable if you were the culprit?! I will be closing the account as soon as possible and would not recommend this bank to anyone. There is something going on at this bank!! And I told this to the agent to which she advised to have me forward to their department which I DID.

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Bank when you want with Mobile Banking, Online Banking with Bill Pay, and access to over 1, ATMs across Regions' state service . Talk to a Regions representative today regarding your financing loans and credit options by calling IN-A-SNAP () or visit your local Regions Branch. 1. Credit cards are subject to personal credit approval and terms and conditions of . Home Equity Lines of Credit; property type, loan amount and lien status. Ask a Regions Banker about potential post-intro rate discounts. Back to Content. Repayment: For Loan-in-a-Line balances, fixed monthly payments are amortized over the elected term. Banking products are provided by Regions Bank, 5th Avenue North, .

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There are three ways to access mobile banking at Regions Bank — text banking, mobile web at m. You can try logging in to your account or visit www. The iTreasury phone number for enrollment is , which you can also call for OnePass login troubleshooting. Online banking allows you to do normal banking from anywhere, anytime. There are many other benefits. For example, you can save on gas as you do not need to visit a physical location. You can call Regions Bank Concierge at for help in online banking enrollment as well as to set up your new online bill pay.

You can call the online banking customer service to create a stop payment, manage account nicknames, change your online ID and password, edit security questions and answers, change your email address, and enroll for Quicken or QuickBooks. I have spent at least the last two hours trying to get online with my regions acct. Woman speaks too fast. Guess I will go to the bank and wait in line for 30 min. Over the weekend I could not get into my online banking.

Had to wait until Wednesday my only day off to call them. They did some type of update and because of that I had to delete my browser history. OK fine, while that was annoying, what happened next was the very last time I will do business with them.

When I finally got into my account my direct deposit was not in my account after checking with my job to make sure it wasn't on their end, it wasn't. I called Regions yet again. They told me they are having an issue with the direct deposit. That was at 9: I have automatic withdraws from that account. As soon as I have my money I am withdrawing all of it and going with BoA. What investigation if you don't even review camera footage or signatures, hell you don't even contact the police department We never received any alerts that our card had been compromised.

I happened to be getting ready to make an Amazon purchase and realized that one of our accounts was in the negative! Not being able to contact anyone due to their "office hours". I went to the mobile app and blocked all transactions. We've been with this bank for over 15 years and were never told that we needed to set up separate accounts for mobile banking! After waking up to several more charges, is when this was discovered!

Not only has this been a nightmare to resolve, it ruined our birthday weekend because we had no money!! This is no way to treat your customers! And to have an uptight rep pretty much show no sympathy and try to over talk us when we called tonight and told that she was there by herself after asking to speak with a manager is bull! There's no way you are the only person in the building left. I've worked in customer service and the sups are the last to leave at the end of the business day!

Bank with them at your own risk. They will continue to rack up fees and treat you as if you are the criminal who's trying to scam them! Why would you go through so much trouble to put yourself liable if you were the culprit?! Makes absolutely no sense. And when asked for an explanation, we're told that oh well it passed their tests, and a card was actually handed to the merchant. We don't contact the merchant or the police, you can do that yourself?! At least feed me first if you're gonna continue to screw me over!!

Regions, you've lost a loyal customer out of this, and you should be ashamed of your practices when it comes down to customer satisfaction! On August 10, , I received a form letter from A. Flowers with Regions Bank: I am currently living in a sober living home, so have none of these. Does this mean Regions no longer wants my business? Please explain why you would threaten to close my accounts if I don't provide documents I do not have. I think the answer is simple: For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

Regions is extremely dishonest. They have manipulated my account so that overdraft charge go multiple. They have refused to investigate fraudulent charges to my account.

They transfer you and keep you on hold hoping you'll just go away. I've waited as long as 40 minutes only to have the customer service representative hang up seconds after answering.

You might as well give your money to a Mexican drug cartel. Yesterday I took Lyft out of town for a final job interview and to sign a new lease. Regions suspected "activity" and froze my credit card. So, when the 2 gentlemen I did business with walked me to my Lyft ride the driver was livid and cursing at me because the charge would not go through.

My landlord and new employer gave me looks! The driver called the police and I sat in the back of a patrol car. I have never even gotten a speeding ticket!

One of the most embarrassing of my life experiences. This bank will do everything they can do to allow your account to overdraft so that they can collect fees. They even had an agent call me pretending to be protecting the security of my card I had moved and was using the card in another part of the country when in reality they were changing the settings on my account to allow it to be overdrafted.

I had made it very clear to them that I wanted no overdraft to be possible. I will be closing the account as soon as possible and would not recommend this bank to anyone. I set up my account maybe years ago when I got my first full time summer job. I only chose this bank because they had one in my home state and also where I went to college.

The first couple years it was nice banking with them and there was no hassle because I didn't do anything with them i. As I grew older and had more bills to pay like credit cards and rent and transfers between accounts, that's when I realized that banking with Regions was a mistake.

I work a normal M-F job sometimes I work Central time which means that anytime there's something wrong I will need to call in the day on my lunch hour. While I normally wouldn't mind doing this on my lunch break, the fact that it takes over an hour to get in touch with someone is ridiculous and when you finally do every associate you speak with has a huge attitude and a chip on their shoulder.

Banking companies should have 24 hour assistance. Also, anytime I check my account it says I have a certain amount and then the next day or two days later I have significantly less. The fact that it takes so long for things to process on their end is ridiculous. Dealing with Regions over the phone is just plain ridiculous to sit there and explain what is happening to your account and Regions saying, "Sorry.

There's nothing we can do," over and over again on top of having an attitude is so disrespectful. Has Regions ever heard of "The customers come first. I am only staying with them because of the amount of locations across the US whereas most banks in my area, are only in this area and nowhere else.

I can't name one thing that truly has stood out to me. If you want a tip, anytime you go out to a restaurant make sure to pull out cash and pay that way. Also if they have ever refunded you for the erroneous OD charges you accrue due to thinking you had more in your account, they will never do it again no matter how nice you are to them. They only do it once. Doesn't matter how many years ago it happened. Thank you Regions for really making your customers feel awful and having a bad experience.

I just want to add one last experience. I have two checking accounts so I can transfer between and pay bills if I am not using bill pay. I had called Regions a week and a half earlier explaining that I would be receiving a deposit and if there would be any issues. They said, "No everything would be fine". I had cash on me so I didn't use my debit card Friday either. On Saturday I try to go shopping and my debit card doesn't work.

I go to the ATM to try to pull money out and I can't. I call Regions and it takes 25 minutes to get an associate and she tells me I my account is in soft close because I hadn't had a deposit in 2. So I tell her that is unacceptable because I only had 10 dollars left in cash and it was a holiday weekend so we wouldn't have any way of accessing my account for three days. She says she can't do anything further to get my account out of soft close.

I yelled at her and told her what would you do if you only had 10 dollars and two mouths to feed and you had to wait 3 days. She said, "Well I'd never get myself in that situation. I told her transfer me to your manager. She asked why and I said, "Because clearly you can't help me.

She says the associate told her to transfer. Don't forget Regions closes at 2 and it's already 2: She says, "Please hold while I transfer you. I call back the normal line and the same recording comes up.

I am panicking in the car and I search on my phone "Regions after hours" and apparently the number listed is for Regions credit card holders but the nice woman who answered allowed me to explain my situation and she tells me to hold on while she gets me over to a Regions associate who handles mobile banking and debit cards.

I was in tears at this time and she was able to assist me. She told me to hold on while she messages someone from the tech team who may be able to fix my account being in soft close. It was successful and I was able to use my debit card where I could use my pin. I spoke to her manager and gave her a Kudos because it only took her 10 minutes to fix my problem whereas the other associate just wanted to transfer me to so she could go home for the day.

That experience is why Regions is awful at customer service and they need to be retrained. I work in customer service and that was just unacceptable.

When I sent a secured message from my account to Regions regarding the experience, they again replied as if it was my fault. That is not how you treat customers. I closed my checking account due to relocating. And when the account was closed my FREE online banking was closed. I receive my paperless statements online. I need 3 months' previous bank statements. Now since I have closed my account I have been booted offline. I was an excellent customer for years with Regions.

Regions really doesn't care about people, only their customers. That is horrible CS. If you are not their customer any longer, Regions will kick you to the curb. Regions has lost my total respect. It's about the principle and morals how a business such as Regions treat their customers and former customers. I am currently switching from Chase Bank to Regions because Chase does not have any locations in or around Nashville. Regions makes creating a checking account appear simple, claiming everything can be done online quickly and easily.

However, about a week after opening my online Regions account, I received a sketchy e-mail I thought it was a virus telling me to call to verify "pertinent" information on my account. I called during work and, after bouncing around different customer service lines and going through their laborious automated menu, was finally transferred to a local branch for "verification.

I, like most Americans, work Monday through Friday during the hours they're open. I have never seen or experienced a bank requiring a copy of a lease agreement. Is this or ? The loans can be used for any purpose, including debt consolidation , home remodeling, medical expenses, and RV or motorcycle purchases.

It should be noted that Regions Bank has very high credit standards, preferring to issue loans only to people with excellent credit. A loan discount of. Once the credit line is opened, funds can be accesses from your online account, through ATMs, telephone transfers, or checks. A Regions Credit Line is used primarily for overdraft protection. Regions Bank is different from many banks in that it offers a secured version of its personal loans.

These loans can be secured by different forms of collateral, which also dictates the amount of the loan, the loan rate, and the term. This loan is ideal for home improvements or debt consolidation. A Regions Savings Secured Line of Credit uses your savings deposit to secure the line, allowing you to borrow as little or as much as you need. Your savings account continues to earn interest even though it is being used to secure the line. With its recent partnership with Avant , Regions Bank has upped its game for competing in the online marketplace.

It will be a major improvement for the bank, because its existing online loan experience was not the best. Although Avant is known for catering to people with less than stellar credit, Regions does not plan on letting up on its strict credit qualifications.

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