Due to a delay in a deposit posting to my checking account magnums debit was returned. You can be approved despite credit problems, such as bankruptcy, judgments, and other financial issues. But there are plenty of predatory service providers out there who would like to convince you otherwise. The supervisor was of no help. Payday loans are historically unfavorable to the consumer.

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Payday Loans Form Make the best choice, every time Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations/5(8). Magnum Cash advance are pretty easy to work with as long as you keep sending them money. Their finance charges, however, will continue to accumulate on a DAILY basis, so watch out. Easiest way is to pay off as soon as you can. At Magnum Cash Advance Complaints we do not provide direct loans to consumers - our service is designed to match your information with payday lenders in our network to .

12 Magnum Cash Advance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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They want you to pay them They say that they will guarantee you a loan. Only after they get your money they send you a list of lenders requiring that you apply with at least 10 and provide proof that you were denied before they will refund your money.

They also tell you that you are on your own, we are not affiliated with any of these lenders and have no say over the outcome. This is a scam! I had a loan out with MCA. After making several payments and being told I would qualify for more money before even paying off the initial balance, they started contacting me. They said that there was an interruption in their ACH process and they needed to take my payments by electronic check.

They did this once and then they contacted me again. They said that due to unforeseen problems, they needed me to Western Union them the money. This was all way too suspicious for me so I did some research.

They are not licensed to due business in the United States from what I could find. I know for fact they are not licensed to do business in my state.

So I emailed them and after threatening just once to get a lawyer and file a lawsuit, they forgave me of the rest of my loan. I think in my personal opinion that this company is not on the up and up.

I also believe they have been stopped from doing business in the US. Applied for new loan months later and website stated due to "temporary" disruption in our ACH Processing no new loans for new or existing customers can be processed. Contacted them several times and was fed the same line. They will not admit they are out of business or shut-down. Sounds very fishy to me. Well I was looking to get a payday loan from them and received an alert from Credit Karma about a hard inquiry on my credit report.

That was red flag enough for me so I chose not to proceed with the loan. After further review of the company, they are not allowed to do business in certain states. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. The only reason why I chose Magnum Cash Advance is because they claim they don't do credit checks. Well, I have Credit Karma that alerts me every time there is a change in my credit and guess what? They do perform credit checks and it goes on your credit as a hard inquiry bad.

I didn't accept the loan after I had seen the hard inquiry from them on my credit report. I took a loan with Magnum. I had taken two PD loans with other companies 1 local and 1 internet. Magnum was the best experience of them all. The other internet loan resulted in my email box flooded with other loan offers. Magnum said they didn't sell your name and it was true.

Also, when I missed a payment, I went online and rescheduled with no hassle. I'll use them again. I did a search to find a payday loan. I did find 2 legit payday loan websites. Ace Cash Advance was a good one and I got a loan that was not a ripoff.

Moreover, they did not sell my info to others. I will use them again. The other one is Magnum Cash Advance. Neither one sold my info and I got the loan. They are not lenders but matching sites. They claim to match you with a lender. However, they just keep bouncing you from one matching site to another. You never get to a lender! And your phone will even ring for a month!

Also, they will fill up your email inbox with emails that tells you that your loan is approved. Some one needs to check into those loan matching sites. With them, you never get to a lender. That is why I Googled lenders only, but I still just get mostly matching websites. They trick you into filling out their loan app.

They need to be sued! I called Magnum Cash Advance to file for another payday loan. The customer service representative initially stated that my account is paid off and then placed me on hold. I then asked the representative to verify my contact information and the date of the loan.

She verified my contact information and that the loan originated in The supervisor was of no help. He claimed I still have to pay the balance regardless.

I was even more heated and began cursing. He reminded me that the phone conversation is being recorded and eventually hung up on me. I pursued this case strongly and effectively. Today is day one and tomorrow is day two. Damage to my credit, anger, anxiety and additional stress; based on how I was spoken to, I feel as if my logic was questioned and belittled. I was screamed at by the customer service representative and the supervisor hung up on me.

I had a payday advance from Magnum cash advance. They withdraw the payments from my bank account. But due to unauthorized activity in my bank account, I had to close the account.

If you do not want to enter into a consumer loan agreement based on the laws of the British Virgin Islands BVI , you should apply for a loan at a provider located in the city, state, or country where you live. All aspects and transactions on this site, including your loan approval will be deemed by ICA to have taken place in the BVI. This transaction shall be regarded by ICA as governed in accordance with the laws of the BVI without regard to its conflicts of law principles, regardless of the order in which the parties agree.

There are, however, numerous complaints from individuals who claim that MCA turned to that little bit of fine print to exempt themselves from consumer protections enacted on a state level.

Payday loans can get the job done, but can drag you into a cycle of high interest obligations. Small-dollar loans from credit unions. A credit union loan works a little different, too.

Instead of two weeks, the loan is usually paid between one and six months, encouraging longer term financial planning and helping you build credit. However, they run a credit check when qualifying you for the overdraft line of credit, and you might have a low limit.

Cash advances on credit cards. This can be a fairly expensive option if you need to borrow for an extended period of time. Many credit unions have cards with low cash advance interest rates and no fee. Payday loans can be great for getting through emergencies or unexpected financial surprises.

But if you find yourself relying on payday loans to make it through each month, it may be worth talking to a financial counselor or advisor. They can help you take a good long look at your finances and start you on the path toward long term financial stability. You may consider some of these options:.

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Magnum Cash Advance Complaints Speedy Approval,Online form, Cash in a Moment. Payday Loans Apply now! Consumer Notice: Payday Loans Are Not A Long Term Financial Solution. Borrowers Facing Debt And Credit Difficulties Should Seek Professional Financial Advice. Borrowers Are Encouraged To Review Local Laws And Regulations Governing Personal Loans. Aug 11,  · A magnum cash advance is a form of economic aid that was created specially for emergencies. Simply because the variations amongst gives are so considerable, it’ll serve an individual seeking to acquire a payday loan far much better to do a bit of research to obtain a money advance lender they are additional comfortable with using.

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