Factors Affecting Your Mortgage Insurance Removal

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Types of Mortgage Insurance

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I am now a first time home owner and have a great house thanks to the help of Poli Mortgage! We are licensed in the following states but are not originating at the present time. Feel free to check back periodically for licensing updates in your state. The number signified by the ratio is the percentage of your home value you still have to pay off. Your LTV is based on the original value of your home.

Original value is either the appraised value or the purchase price, whichever is lower. Your LTV continues to go down as you make payments. It also goes down as your property value goes up. The requirements for removing PMI also change depending on the type of property you have. For right now, the important thing to know is that removing mortgage insurance on a one-unit primary residence or vacation home is easier than taking it off multi-unit primary properties or investment homes.

In some instances, the age of the loan is a determining factor in whether mortgage insurance can be removed.

Depending on the age of your loan, it may also change the amount of equity needed to remove the mortgage insurance. MIP cancellation is the easiest scenario to take a look at. If your loan closed before that date, the outlook is a little better. Conventional loans are the most flexible type of loan, allowing borrowers to purchase the greatest range of properties. If the residence is your single-family primary home or second home, your mortgage insurance will be canceled automatically in either of the following scenarios, whichever happens first:.

All improvements have to be called out specifically in a new appraisal. These requirements apply to insurance removal based on market value increases not related to home improvements.

If you have a multi-unit primary residence or investment property, things are a bit different. With Fannie Mae, mortgage insurance cancels halfway through the loan term on its own. Freddie Mac does not auto-cancel mortgage insurance. The requirements for Fannie and Freddie are the same if you want to have a new appraisal done to show a lower LTV.

This is true whether the lowered LTV is based on a natural market-based increase in home value or home improvements. Please keep in mind that you must have had the loan for at least two years prior to requesting PMI removal on your investment property. There are a couple additional things to know about mortgage insurance cancellation. In order for mortgage insurance to auto-cancel, you have to be current on your payments. To begin with, here are the requirements to remove PMI from conventional loans.

Click the images below to enlarge. Hopefully this post has helped make more sense out of your mortgage insurance. Ask in the comments below! If I request to have removed what are the odds that it is removed? Right now you have about We have redone the downstairs bathroom, and installed Pergo floors on the upper floor. My question is, can we remove the PMI? I mean we already had it removed, by the Mortgage company. You may be able to. It depends on what type of loan you have. However, you can do this with a conventional loan.

Your other option would be to just refinance into a conventional loan. If you would like to go over your options in that regard, you can get started online through Rocket Mortgage. Otherwise, if you prefer to talk to one of our Home Loan Experts, we would be happy to take your call at My question is which number am I dealing with?

Not sure why but I am confused on which to believe, am I due for my MIP to be cancelled or do I have to wait another 15 months. Any help would be appreciated, Mike. The good news is based on the timeline you are giving, your mortgage insurance can come off.

Based on your most recent appraisal, you currently have about If you want, one of our Home Loan Experts could go over your situation with you if you give us a call at to help figure out what might be best. Thanks for reaching out! FHA guidelines require that you pay mortgage insurance for at least 11 years after the close of the loan regardless of how much equity you have in the home.

We can certainly look into whether you qualify for a conventional loan at this point in time. If you would like to speak in more detail about your personal situation with one of our Home Loan Experts, you can do so by filling out this form or calling We also need to sell our current home.

We just signed contract on new house last night. IF we do not close on both the same day we will only have 3. I am being told different things by different lenders.

I would like to be able to recast the loan as soon as we close on our current house if it sells after we close on the new house. This does not seem to be a problem with the lenders. The problem is with the PMI. I have one saying the PMI will be removed once recasted because of the amount being put into it with no time frame after closing on our current home. The other lenders are saying no way you have to wait at least one to two years to remove the PMI but can recast to change payment but not remove PMI depending on the Mortgage Insurance Company being used because otherwise they would not make any money on us.

I am tired of conflicting statements. You can do that by making one large payment toward your principal when the sale closes on your current house. We can be sure to give you a definitive answer. I just did the math and based on your unpaid balance in relation to the original purchase price, you have Another option if you are looking to get rid of mortgage insurance payments right now would be to refinance into a conventional loan.

Why was PMI required to begin with and what is your take on these practices? If you make no improvements at all, you can have your house reappraised after two years without refinancing to try and have the PMI removed.

It goes to the mortgage insurer. Hope this clears up any confusion. We have an FHA loan that is just over 5 years old. Never been late on a payment and have always paid more than what was due. We have added a pool… does the FHA take into consideration substantial improvements?

With the addition of the pool our appraised value would definitely be over the threshold… We have been told several different things… just trying to get another opinion. Any help would be appreciated.

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