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Anyway after their dodgy behaviour I said no thanks to which i got a hostile and demeaning reply. Rang the dealership got approved within 2 hours and picked up my vehicle the same day. Their turn around time is just amazing! Applications are subject to approval criteria and not all panel members provide finance for all locations and equipment types. You need to ask the broker. Find out how much you can borrow.

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Car Loans for You. Aussie Car Loans are the experts in getting REAL RESULTS on the best car finance deal for your new or used car purchase. Talk to us before you walk into a dealership and you will have more bargaining power to save money. Aussie is a leading home loan and mortgage broker with more than , customers. Let an Aussie mortgage broker find the right home loan for you. Compare car loans from award-winning mortgage broker and financial services provider Aussie. Aussie is a financial services provider and mortgage broker that gives consumers easy access to home.

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What to expect when you meet one of our mortgage brokers. More about how we work. Read our helpful property guides. Lots of useful articles to help you be better informed. All of our advice. Find out how much you can borrow. Use our mortgage calculator. Sorry, this form requires a browser with javascript enabled. Like to tell us more With over brokers across Australia. Choose from over loans across the market. Find your own broker. Looking for Financial Services? Read the reviews for Finlease.

Worked with us in getting the car we wanted fantastic. David was absolutely fantastic in helping us achieve the loan, great communication. Bunch of Liars and time wasters. Would not recommend it to anyone. The whole process took forever poor service. Rang the dealership got approved within 2 hours and picked up my vehicle the same day. Never again attempting to use 3rd grade company like this. Got told couldn't get a loan.

Applied for a loan consultant was friendly came back the next day said loan declined but couldn't explain why said it's not your credit file but something on the file. Rang equicrap got a copy Of my score and file they said nothing detrimental was on it. Applied for a loan the following day with another provider got approved.

Aussie Car loans resolved a problem I had so I'm grateful for that. The big boss is a very nice guy. Applied for a loan to get a car around Xmas time for my daughter. Then my broker went on holidays without a word. That is what Aussie car loans is a broker. When I contacted Aussie loans again someone else was looking after my loan application.

I had found out in the mean time that the incorrect information had been given to possible lenders which meant I had been denied loans.

All of these enquires went on my credit history. I emailed Aussie loans anout the information and got no reply.

Apparently you can no ask for the information supplied to a potential loan provider about the information supplied on your behalf. You need to ask the broker. When I went to sign the loan application. I was treated like scum.

The male person was very rude and the whole process with the company was degrading. What else could I do they had wrecked my credit had no choice. Do not recommended Aussie car loans at all. Just received the worst service. Had to constantly call to hear any news in regards to my loan and was even told, "what do you want me to do" when the person caring for my loan was always unavailable.

On first contact these guys seemed ok. But after having to chase them up and call multiple times a day to then be told I didn't provide certain things which were on the application and that the never received the second page which was attached to the email I wouldn't recommend them to anybody. Even in my last phone call I was told they would call me back and I'm still waiting weeks later. Absolutely the worst customer service I've had! Verified Customer Highly recommended. I am very thankful to Aussie Car Loans for all their help.

They have been very efficient in assisting me with my car loan enquiry and providing all the information that I needed. I had a loan with this mob.. Payed it out in full and they Still took payments. They stole my money and when I called to have MY money returned. They demanded I provide full statements of proof. Even though they have the records of full payment and the Theft transactions.

Absolutely rude and no help at all. I was a customer whom was always infront and no missed payments. Fee for brokerage not cheap, the representative of the company meeting to sign the papers was incredibly rude when asked about the breakdown of fees and costs, repeating herself again instead of explaining, and then said "are you going to sign it or not?

I don't believe that's the way to do business. Not the same as Aussie Home Loans. After getting mortgage through Aussie I assumed they were the same as they were at the top of the Google search. Last year I was applying for a small car loan for a second hand car. The fast talking gentleman told me since the car was too old I couldn't get a secured car loan and had to get a personal loan with a higher rate.

This is when he turned dodgy implying I had to get full comprehensive insurance on the car through them and loan protection. This would help them approve my loan.

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Drive a great deal on your car loan. Aussie is a trusted brand when it comes to finding Australians a great deal on their home loan. With our expertise and access to over 30 different lenders*, we can also help you get behind the wheel of your new car. This may be obvious to some but Aussie Car Loans is a different company to Aussie Home Loans. After getting mortgage through Aussie I assumed they were the same as they were at /5(15). Nov 27,  · The Aussie Car Loan is a flexible financing option for your next new or used car. You can even bundle your loan with other debts to consolidate and pay them off in one neat package.

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