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I'm putting together a tactical wallet. This wallet is going to consist solely of credit-card sized tools since those are all the rage these days. Monopoly is a board game where players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and develop them with houses and hotels. Players collect rent from their opponents, with the goal being to drive them into can also be gained or lost through Chance and Community Chest . Our Philosophy OXO is dedicated to providing innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier. We study people—lefties and righties, male and female, young and old—interacting with products and we identify opportunities for meaningful improvement.

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They are a combination of newly-created Realms, popular Realms, and Realms that were randomly chosen. Click the "See More" button to move on to another set of 10 Realms. To visit a Realm, click one of the floating spheres. Non-members can create three Realms. Non-members can view all of the Realms shared by Poptropica players. Non-members can 'like' the Realms that they visit. Only members can share their Realms with the Poptropica community. Members can have up to 20 unique Realms, each one with multiple scenes.

Players may delete their Realms to make room for new ones. Members may choose to share their Realms with everyone on Poptropica, or to keep them private. A Realm is private until a member decides to share it. Once a Realm is shared and approved, it is available to all players on Poptropica.

A member can delete the Realm though if they wish. Check out the Creators' blog to find out the latest information on what's happening on Poptropica. Credits are used to purchase items such as costumes or gold cards in the Poptropica Store for your Poptropican.

Gold Cards and Costumes purchased with Credits cannot be returned or exchanged. Please be sure you want the item before you select the "Get Item" button on the item card in the Poptropica Store.

Kids can explore more with Poptropica Membership! Members get Early Access to the newest Islands to play before the rest of the world. There are over 40 Islands to play. However, a special set of 7 of these Islands are available for members only!

Get all Realms features! Build with no limitations, creating up to 20 Realms, access all biomes, and share your Realms with all players. View every snapshot in your photo albums, which chronicle your achievements in Poptropica!

What's the difference between purchasing a Membership and purchasing items with Credits? Membership allows you access to use ALL Gold Cards and costumes in the Poptropica Store during the time of your Membership, view all of the snapshots in your photo album, and store up to 30 outfits in your costume closet. If you choose to end your Membership, you no longer have access to the items moved to your Store Items during Membership.

Poptropica Membership also gives you Early Access to each and every new Island, to play and complete before the rest of the world! Credits allow you to purchase items which will remain in your account to use forever. Early Access to new Islands is no longer available to purchase with credits, and is only available with Membership. Credits can not be used toward viewing your photo album, or saving outfits in your costume closet. Credits can only be earned in-game by completing Islands.

All Poptropica Memberships automatically renew at the end of the term. If you wish to cancel your Membership at any time, you may do so by any of these methods listed below.

After you cancel your automatic renewal, your Membership will be active only through the end of your current term, and you will not be charged for renewal. How do I change the card that will be charged for Membership? Please turn off automatic renewal on your current Membership.

Once the current Membership period has finished, you can then buy Membership again using a different card. For assistance with turning off automatic renewal, visit the " Manage Membership " page. You can cancel this automatic renewal so that your membership will end after the current membership period. Issuers of prepaid credit cards decline attempts to use the card for a Poptropica Membership. The reason is that Poptropica Membership is a recurring charge.

A confirmation email will be sent to you with a link that allows you to turn off the autorenewal feature. In states where tax is required, tax will be added to the price of a Poptropica Membership. Currently, tax will be added to new purchases and to renewals for residents in the following states: What if I still have Membership questions that weren't addressed on this page?

If you have additional questions about Membership, please Contact Us here. The Poptropica Store is THE place to shop for all sorts of fun costumes, cool items, and special abilities to customize your Poptropican!

When you become a member, you will automatically get Early Access to the newest island as soon as it's available! You can access it by clicking on the island on the Poptropica map.

Early Access to new islands is no longer available to purchase with credits, and is only available with membership. Why was I was notified that my membership has been cancelled? This can be due to a number of reasons, such as: Poptropica purchases look like this on credit card statements: For example, all players can get the "Legendary Swords" quest from the Store and play the first few levels, but only Members can proceed past a certain point.

Friends on Poptropica provides an opportunity for self expression! You can share your mood, personality, and game achievements with other friends through your Personality Profile. Build out your Personality Profile by answering Pop Quiz questions. Your answers are added to your unique Personality Profile. When you add friends to your list, you can check out their Personality Profiles!

Start by clicking the Friends icon at the top of the screen. This takes you to your Personality Profile page. Enter the username of your friend if you know it. Or, click the yellow "Find Friends Now" button to visit a common room and make new friends there. When you're in a common room, click on another player and select the "Friend" option to add that player to your list.

They will be added as your friend immediately. They do not need to approve your request. You are not automatically added to their friends list unless they add you as a friend. Your Personality Profile appears when you click the Friends icon the one that looks like your Poptropican!

It displays your Poptropican's profile through information you have provided, such as your mood, your country, and your answers to Pop Quizzes. It also shows your battle ranking and the number of Islands that you have completed. Members have the ability to store up to 30 different outfits in the Costume Closet.

Your Photo Album shows your milestone moments in the Islands. Members can view all of their photos, and non-Members can view one from each Island. Collect photos by playing or re-playing Islands. Highlight a player in your Friends list to see that friend's Personality Profile. Your favorite friends appear before all the others.

The favorite with the most recent activity is shown first. After your favorites, your remaining friends appear in the order of most recently active first. What does it mean to make one of my friends a favorite friend? Friends you note as favorites show up at the beginning of your friend list.

This can make it easier to check back on the profile of a favorite friend. There is no limit to the number of friends that can be your "favorite. You can click the star again to remove the "favorite" status. If you add a friend by username, they are automatically added to your friends list as a favorite. Others do not see whether or not a friend of yours is marked as a favorite.

No, your list of friends is not visible to anyone. Only the number of friends you have is visible on your Personality Profile to someone viewing it. If I pick someone as my friend, will they also see me as their friend?

No, you are not automatically added to someone's friend list when you add them as a friend. That person would have to add you as a friend in order for them to see your Personality Profile. Pop Quizzes are presented on the Welcome Back page shown after you log in. If you skipped a quiz, you can find it in your Personality Profile.

Click the Friends icon at the top of the screen. The Pop Quiz appears in your Personality Profile as a "? I want to change my responses on one of the Pop Quizzes. How can I do that? Click on the Friends icon the picture of your Poptropican!

Find the picture that matches the Pop Quiz that you answered. Click that picture to change your answer. I want to answer the same quiz as my friend. Not all users will be presented the same Pop Quizzes in the same order. Come back every day to answer different questions! Only Poptropica Members can save an outfit to their closet. Open the Costumizer by clicking the T-shirt icon in the top right corner of the screen in any Island. Select a character who has clothing that you want to add to your outfit.

Select the items that you want to wear. Click the "save look to closet" button. You can also costumize from your friends. On your Personality Profile, select one of your friends from your list. Click the T-shirt icon on the right side of the screen to open the costumizer. Select the items you want to wear. Non-Members can view a friend's Costume Closet and create an outfit to wear, but are unable to save the new outfit into their own Costume Closet without Membership.

Members are able to costumize any clothing item available in Poptropica. Non-Members are only able to costumize free items, and are not able to costumize Member-only items or items from the Poptropica Store.

What are the benefits of Membership for the Friends feature? Poptropica Members can save up to 30 different outfits in their Costume Closet! Members can also easily costumize new looks from their friend's closets. Non-Members cannot save any outfits to the Costume Closet. Members have full access to their Poptropica Photo Album! Collect photos of your Poptropican at key moments of your Poptropica Island play. As you play more Islands, more photos will be taken of you and stored in your Photo Album.

To see photos for an Island that you completed before the Photo Album was available, you will have to replay that Island. The outfits in your Costume Closet are no longer accessible without Membership. You're limited to viewing only one photo per Island without Membership. However, your outfits and photos will be saved, and will become available to you again if you resume your Membership.

Anyone who has added you as a friend can see your Personality Profile, which includes information such as your mood, country, and your responses to Pop Quizzes. They can also see your accomplishments, such as the number of medallions you have earned and your battle ranking. They can see any outfits you've saved to your Costume Closet as well as the photos in your Photo Album.

Your profile is only visible to players who have added you as a friend. Do you share information about a player's profile or activity in Poptropica with other websites?

No, a player's individual profile and activity are never shared with any other websites. They can be reached at http: How do you pronounce Poptropica? How long has Poptropica. Does Poptropica have official social media pages? How does my original Poptropica account work with Poptropica Worlds? How does membership work in Poptropica Worlds? What does saving my account do? What are some of the differences between Poptropica and Poptropica Worlds?

Need some game help? What happened to my account? I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it? Your Avatar I created a cool character, but how can I save my game? Your Inventory One of the cards in my inventory won't work on every island. Playing the Game How do I create a room? How can I invite other people to my room? How do I Join a Multiverse room? How do I communicate with others in Poptropica? How can I travel to a new island? How do I use the Costumizer tool? How can I restart an island?

What are the system requirements to play Poptropica? Poptropica Realms What is Poptropica Realms? How do I play Poptropica Realms? Can everyone play Poptropica Realms? I shared a realm, but it was reviewed and rejected. I've shared a Realm that I created. How long will it take for my shared realm to be approved? How will I know when my Realm is approved? Can someone change a Realm that I have shared? Can I keep building in a Realm after I've shared it?

How do I set the start location of my shared realm? How can I find a Realm that someone else created? Can non-members create Realms? How many Realms can members create? Can I unshare a Realm? General Questions When is the next new island coming out? Credits What are Credits? Can I return or exchange a Poptropica Store item?

Membership What is Membership? What is this charge for? Is it a reoccurring charge? How do I cancel my Membership? Can I purchase Membership with a prepaid credit card? Will taxes be added to the price of a Poptropica Membership?

Poptropica Store What is the Poptropica Store? Friends What is the Friends feature? How can I befriend someone?

What is the Personality Profile? How are my friends sorted? Can anyone see my friends list? How can I find a Pop Quiz if I skipped it? How do I save an outfit to my Costume Closet? What information can others see about my Poptropican? To the joy of many kids around the world, Poptropica launched on September, The only official Poptropica social media pages: What are the benefits of membership?

The video content is inappropriate. The video content is misleading. The ad is too long. The ad does not play. The ad does not inform my purchase. The video does not play. There is too much buffering.

The audio is poor or missing. Video is unrelated to the product. Please fill out the copyright form to register a complaint. See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention come apart kitchen scissors kitchen shears easy to clean easy cleaning best kitchen good grips comes apart take apart apart for easy herb stripper apart for cleaning ever owned scissors ever second pair oxo good sharp and easy ever used knife block heavy duty.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Handles are not ergonomic. Maybe someone can explain to me why I seem to get kitchen scissors that everyone loves, but I find are terrible. I want sharp, comfortable, and something that I can adjust if they need tightening. So much of the junk that get 5 stars and reviews on Amazon works for about three months.

Then, the edges don't cut because there is no tightening screw. Or, they can't be separated so gunk and food gets caught up in the pivot hinge. Sharp, adjustable, and can come apart. Only four stars as the handles are not ergonomic. They are soft, but OXO always has some of the most ergonomic and comfortable grips. These are ok, not great. And, the cutting edge is only microserated. It struggles on the thick stuff. When the cheap kitchen shears that came with my knife block broke, I looked on thesweethome.

I've been very happy with these so far - they've cut everything well, from chicken to blister-packs. They also come apart and back together easily for cleaning. It won't bring about world peace, but they're good kitchen shears. The herb stripper holes may be a bit big for some types of herbs. It is good that these shears can separate to be washed by hand in soapy water and promptly dried to prevent rusting no dishwasher as an old non-separating pair from a different company got stuck and broke on this customer, even though washed in the sink.

The micro serrations may prevent these shears from being sharpened, but will likely keep them sharp longer. They are strong and sturdy, warranted by OXO, and well up to handling the many kitchen tasks. Somewhat expensive but recommended. Once again, OXO comes through with a product much greater than industry standards; I love these scissors!

They keep things simple, as should be. Impressed by the longevity of those scissors, we ordered a like pair of scissors only to find the quality had left, and the so-called stainless steel is now rusting junk. We tried another pair of "chef's" scissors, but were disappointed in that the scissors were not able to be disassembled - what a joke - not for kitchen work. Great, sharp blades that have a tight fit against one another, so paper cuts with a great certainty.

The handles on OXO scissors are fantastic! So comfortable, soft, and roomy. Hands down, a great pair of scissors.

We got these a few months ago, and so far, they've held up MUCH better than the ones that came in our knife block set. Definitely a decent product for the price. The two sides separate too easily and have twice now separated while I was just picking them up out of the dish rack and the pointed edge has cut me on the shin. Something with sharp blades shouldn't be this flimsy. I understand the goal of simplicity to separate for cleaning purposes but there should be a better mechanism in place to keep them in tact.

I'm a huge fan of other OXO products but these are a hazard. The handles are comfortable and blades are sharp, sharp enough to slice my leg. I wanted a good pair of all-purpose kitchen shears for doing the multitude of various jobs in the kitchen -- from opening packages of frozen salmon fillets to cutting parchment circles to quickly snipping fresh herbs. After reading the reviews, I decided that this was the kitchen shears for me. They give me concise, easy cuts, regardless of the substance.

And they easily come apart for easy cleaning. BUT they do not inadvertently come apart during use, which is a very good thing. All in all I am very pleased with them. One person found this helpful. I bought these in September. The handle is made of plastic, and apparently not very durable. The plastic handle has broken already, and in such a fashion that the scissors are nearly impossibly to use.

Very disappointed in the quality. See all reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 1 day ago. Published 6 days ago. Published 23 days ago. Published 29 days ago.

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