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Federal loans can help to bridge some of the funding gap, but with the rising costs of tuition many students are finding it necessary to consider private lender loans. Just like what the name of the plans tells you, it definitely works like what it sounds. On December 31st,Citibank sold its student lending business to Discover Bank. The treatment could be differ depending on how you are doing at the given time. You may wonder, what were the six different CitiAssist Loan options? Home Tips Student Loans Scholarship.

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Comparisons based on information obtained on lenders' websites or from customer service representatives and are based on student loans where students are the primary borrower as of April At least a GPA (or equivalent) qualifies for a one-time cash reward of 1% of the loan amount of each new Discover student loan/5(). Federal Student Loans: Citibank served as a primary lender for the loans that are serviced through the federal government. More specifically, students and parents could borrow money through any of the following federal student loans: Federal Direct PLUS Loan for Graduate and Professional Students, Federal Direct Stafford Loan, Federal Direct Consolidation Loans, and the Federal Direct PLUS Loan . The CitiAssist Loan is Citibank's prime education loan program, and is available in multiple formats depending on the student's status and educational career path. Citibank offers five different CitiAssist .

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During the many years when Citibank worked as a student loan lender, students could opt to borrow federal loans or private loans through the company. Detailed below is information about these loans for current borrowers or in case Citibank decides to start offering student loans again in the future. Read on to find out the wide array of loan services that were once offered through this bank:. There were six different paths that students could opt for, depending on their major.

In general, these loans were appealing to many students who had maxed out their federal financial aid. The CitiAssist loans offered students a number of unique advantages that set the company apart from other lenders.

First, students could borrow up to the complete cost of tuition at the institution they were attending, after subtracting any other financial aid they received. Secondly, the loans boasted very low interest rates. Students could opt to defer payments until after their graduation, which increased the chances that they would be working before having to repay their loans. The company also offered a variety of flexible repayment options so students could choose a route that best met their financial goals.

Students could also receive a discount of up to 0. In addition, students could quickly and easily apply for this loan online and receive a quick decision. You may wonder, what were the six different CitiAssist Loan options? The only one for undergraduate students was known as the CitiAssist Undergraduate Student loan. The interest from this could be deducted for tax purposes, the payments could be deferred until after graduation, and students could qualify for a low interest rate, particularly if they opted to use a cosigner.

The program also had five different paths for graduate students. When Federal loans are not enough to bridge the gaps in your college funding, private lender loans are the obvious answer. Citibank has a long history of offering competitive loan programs designed for students trying to fund their college education.

The CitiAssist Loan is Citibank's prime education loan program, and is available in multiple formats depending on the student's status and educational career path. Citibank offers five different CitiAssist student loan packages, tailored to suit the needs of students with different financial challenges. Since most college-bound students are just starting out in life, they may require a cosigner to be eligible for Citibank's student loan programs.

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Feb 28,  · My student loans were part of the deal that sent $28 billion from Citi’s federal student loan portfolio to Sallie Mae*†. At that same time, Discover also took over $4 . Options available with Citi Assist loans are undergraduate loans, health profession loans, law student loans and graduate loans. All of these options can help students with their financial needs. It is recommended that students when applying for loans familiarize themselves with the most commonly used terms to assist them in making the right decision. With exciting benefits, such as no annual fee and low intro APR, Citi offers a student credit card to match your lifestyle and financial needs. Apply for the student credit card that meets your college needs.

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