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Credit union Federal savings association Federal savings bank National bank State bank. Finally, the FIRREA amendments of require the collection and disclosure of data about applicant and borrower characteristics to assist in identifying possible discriminatory lending patterns and enforcing antidiscrimination statutes. This page was last edited on 13 Septemberat It is important to understand that in all cases of possible discrimination, the basic regulatory inquiry revolves around whether a protected class of persons being denied a loan or offered different terms for reasons other than objectively acceptable characteristics e. Introduced in the Senate as S. Bank regulation in the United States.


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See the HMDA-LAR instructions for explanations regarding the proper use of each code listed below. Application or Loan Information. Type: (C) 1 -- Conventional (any loan other than FHA, VA, or FmHA loans. LOAN/APPLICATION REGISTER. HMDA Reporting Forms Institutions reporting 25 loans or less may submit their HMDA data using the hardcopy Loan Application Register (LAR) and Transmittal Sheet (TS). The LAR Code Sheet identifies the proper codes used for reporting. FR HMDA-LAR The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act/Loan Application Register Description: This report takes the form of a register of mortgage and home improvement loan applications and their disposition during a calendar year.

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Home Mortgage Disclosure Act; Long title: Companies covered under HMDA are required to keep a Loan Application Register (LAR). Each time someone applies for a home mortgage at an institution covered by HMDA, the company is required to make a corresponding entry into the LAR, noting the following information. Modified Loan/Application Register (LAR) A downloadable modified LAR file is available for every financial institution that has completed a HMDA data submission. Loan/Application Register (LAR) Formatting Tool The LAR Formatting Tool is intended to help financial institutions, typically those with small volumes of covered loans and applications, to create an electronic file that can be submitted to the HMDA Platform.

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