How Do I Apply for a Loan?

The term for a loan to purchase a primary residence is 15 years. Videos and webinars are a great way to prepare Take advantage of our retirement resources. Various seminars, including retirement, credit and health benefits. Eight in ten investors either feel they are not saving enough for retirement or aren't sure how much they need to save. How Do I Apply for a Loan?

The Deferred Compensation Plan

General Information

The New York State Deferred Compensation Plan is a State-sponsored employee benefit for State employees and employees of participating employers. Our Mission: A voluntary retirement savings plan that provides quality investment options, investment educational programs and related services to help State and local public employees achieve their. To submit a claim for a lost check from the Deferred Compensation Plan, the Management Benefits Fund, the Dependent Care Assistance Program, or the Health Care Flexible Spending Account Program. Lost Check Claim Form. The New York City Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP) allows eligible New York City employees a way to save for retirement through convenient payroll deductions.

How much can I qualify for?

Rolled Your Money Out of DCP?

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How Do I Apply for a Loan? If you have unexpected expenses arise and need to access money in your account, you can apply for a loan from your Plan account. The loan process is very similar to that of your bank or credit union. The New York State Deferred Compensation Plan is a State-sponsored employee benefit for State employees and. The Police Pension Fund loan application has been revised with a statement that reflects any outstanding balance you may have within the Deferred Compensation Loan Program. Any amount over the $50, maximum is a taxable distribution and you will receive a R for the taxable amount. Find the website for your employer-sponsored deferred compensation plan administered by Nationwide Retirement Solutions.

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