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How to manage your credit card debt 05 September Personal Loan Fixed, Unsecured. Interest rates are subject to change and some products may have lower introductory rates which revert to higher rates after a set period of time. Repayment calculator See calculator. Data last updated on 18 Sep Terms from 1 to 5 years.

Fixed Low Rate (Excellent Credit Rating)

Personal loan comparison rates

Interest rates on personal loans in Australia can vary significantly, so it's important to find a personal loan that offers all your essential features, without costing you too much each month in interest. If the loan has an interest rate of % p.a and the exact same comparison rate, then this indicates that there are no fees included in the loan. For a detailed view, read our guide to personal loan comparison rates. Compare Fixed Rate Personal Loans. Want to lock in a competitive interest rate on your personal loan? Fixed interest is available on secured and unsecured loans and can help you budget your repayments. Find out how they work and compare a range of fixed rate personal loans today.

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Compare low interest personal loans Find personal loans from a wide range of Australian lenders that best suit your needs. Compare interest rates. Comparison rate: A rate that represents the total annual cost of the loan in a single figure, including the interest rate, payments, and most of the ongoing and upfront fees and charges. On the Canstar website, all comparison rates for personal loans are based on a $10, loan over 3 years. Comparison rate: In our personal loan table at the top of this page, the comparison rate sits to the right of the interest rate and is a quick way of comparing the cost of the personal loan once both the interest rate and fees are combined. The comparison rate is often coined as showing the 'true' cost of a loan.

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