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Though the majority of lawsuits are settled before ever reaching a state of trial, [3] they can still be very complicated to litigate. However, this is often an inferior option to selling your structured settlement annuity because the interest rate on the loan may be high, and you must be disciplined to apply your structured settlement annuity payments to repay your loan. Legal financing companies provide a nonrecourse cash advance to litigants in exchange for a percentage share of the judgment or settlement. On the other hand, money obtained through legal defense funds are solely used to fund litigation and legal costs. When a final judgment is entered, the plaintiff is usually barred under the doctrine of res judicata from relitigating any of the issues, even under different legal theories. The process begins with a simple discussion with an annuity purchaser these are the same folks who will also buy structured settlement annuities.

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Getting a pre-settlement cash advance for pending lawsuits is quick and easy with Green Light Advance: No credit checks, No monthly payments, Lowest rates. Sick and tired of waiting to get paid your settlement from a pending case? We pay out large pre settlement advances to those who qualify. Call us now to get a lawsuit loan! CaseAdvance© in California is owned and operated by two experienced personal injury attorneys who understand clients' financial challenges.

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Global Financial's alternative to typical Lawsuit Loans is a simple cash advance. A Cash advance better protects your interests as repayment is contingent on the client receiving a judgment award or settlement. Recent Lawsuit Funding Articles. Lawsuit Loans In “No-Fault” States; What About Lawsuit Funding Regulation? Five Things Lawyers Should Know About Lawsuit Settlement Funding. Cash Advance on your pending lawsuit. Peak funding provides pre settlement funding to individuals involved in legal settlements that are pending payment.

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