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Retrieved June 21, Installment loans are a com About Us American Cash Advance has been in business since My question, how did they get the money out? Starting something new is fun and exciting, until you realize the finances you may need. I am thinking okay maybe I did fill out an application for this company.


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Advance America is here to help you with easy online cash advances, fast cash loans and more. Apply online now or visit any of our 2,+ Payday Loans are used when a little extra cash is needed before your next paycheck. • Why get a Payday Loan from Advance America? Advance America has helped millions of Americans with Payday Loans and other services since Cash America owns and operates about stand-alone cash advance/payday advance locations throughout the United States under the brand names Cashland and Payday Advance. These stores offer a variety of services, including cash advances/short-term loans, check cashing, pre-paid debit cards, money orders, money transfers and the

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Called its subsidiary - computer hell again. I had been searching for a loan and applying just about everywhere. A while ago I had applied and received an online loan, and it worked out ok, so I thought, one more time. A lot of texting went on and phone calls. I was told that the loan would be deposited that evening. I checked my bank - nothing. I sent text messages and called - no replies or response. To this date, nothing. Also, I contacted Advance America Googled using area code They never deducted money out of my account, they had me purchase a Steam Card which of course has no customer service number.

When I was finally able to install the Steam application, I had to create a user account when I entered my username, there were three which is probably for the 3 times I sent them money. My question, how did they get the money out? And knowing what is happening, are they doing anything to avoid this?? As of March 25, Chase closed my bank account due to being overdrawn.

This is where I got confused Because of this, my disability check got delayed. I'm on disability and this really set me back further than I was How could I have been so gullible On top of the financial burden, the stress, lack of sleep, etc. I have Crohn's disease, so hopefully you can imagine!!! While doing additional research on scams, legal remedies, lawyers, etc. Are the victims left out in the cold? If you know of other venues that I can take that may assist me in this matter, I could really use your help.

Following is the only information that I have: I am disabled and had got in a very tight bind and was needing a loan and went online looking for a loan. By the way Walmart does not do I gave Chris the card numbers. He Chris said I would hear back from them in 60 to 90 min. Well I heard back from a Sr. I advised him I was now total broke and could not do this.

He ask when I could send it. I told him it would be the 14th of March. He said ok he would call back then. And I started doing research and ran across this site. I have tried to call the phone number today and I get a busy signal or it tells me the call won't go through. I needed a short term loan. I went to Advance America to get a short term loan for an unexpected bill. I took two lien free auto titles with me to use as collateral. They took the information I provided them.

Now wait a minute. I'll never go back. Out of Buffalo, NY which it isn't. They offer 10, loans asking you to buy Google play cards for dollars. It's a major scam!!! The other reviews I've read doesn't sound like they're dealing with Advance America. I've never been asked to get a gift card or anything like that. You apply for the advance. Give them a check for the amount of your loan plus their fee.

The location in Yukon, Oklahoma is great and their employees are helpful and friendly. They go out of their way to help you if they are able. If you need an advance in a hurry I'd recommend you give them a call. My wife took out a title loan to help with bills when she got sick. I found a decent paying job and the title payments were paid.

The mistake my wife made was paying by money order and sliding the money order under the door before they opened. For two months she did this and in November a tow truck arrived at our house to repo our car. They took the car straight to a company to sell. We filed an emergency chapter 13 to get our car back. Please if you can, stay away from title loans.

Advance America is hiding behind a warning notice rather than policing their employees. Keep getting calls from same people telling me been approved for Bottom line to everyone if anyone wants money it is a scam.

Do not do it. Is not just Advance America. There are other companies wanting online bank info. One wanted me to take picture of check on my fone and send it to him. Too many online loan scams. If anyone gonna give you loan will not be upfront money.

They will just verify everything and put money in your account. It is that simple. I applied for a loan, Mr. Well as of this day I still haven't received anything. I tried calling Mr. Something need to be done about these people. I trusted them with my money and now I can't get it back.

I want my refund. I still have the cards and all the texts from Mr. A man with an Indian accent called verifying my personal information. I googled the name of the company while I had him on the line and I advised him that his company Advance America is a fraud and a scam.

He asked for my online banking information, which I declined. He then suggested that I verified myself in another way and I declined and hung up. I answered and it was the same man chewing in my ear, frequently representing himself as one of my banks reps and wanted to confirm a deposit from advance America, I said no, and told him I decline and I was contacting the BBB and the FBI These people are a disgrace and prey to destroy people's lives I travel around 80 miles round trip to continue my business with Advance America in Cheboygan MI, reason being the two women I deal with are wonderful.

I consider the girls friends and they go out of their way to make me feel that the trip is worth it. I received a text message on Fri.

I do not know how they got my ph number to text me needless to say, I DID not call them at all for a loan. So if anyone gets an email or text message along the same lines, please, please do not fall for it! It is a scam!!! Had no idea what was going on.

Never asked for any loan. They continue to call me and text me. I finally called the number back. They said I got a loan but first they needed to verify some information. Yeah right, started off with a address I hadn't live at in 4 years and then after all of that they requested for my username and password to my online banking. Don't be scammed by this company. There's other ways to get a loan. I had been searching online for a loan. I had filled out several different applications within the past two weeks or so.

Then I started to receive text messages from a area code regarding this loan. This person immediately asked what bank I use. I found that a little odd, but not tremendously out of the ordinary.

Then I started to wonder, why is the "loan officer" texting me from the same exact number on the "loan" documents? I said okay, then he repeats all my personal info, address, phone number, DOB. I am thinking okay maybe I did fill out an application for this company. Not until did he say that he needed my username and password for my bank did I really start to hesitate.

I asked why he needed this, he said to verify my account. I then asked if the line we were talking was being recorded, he said yes by three different areas. So I turned on my voice memos from an older phone I had so that I could record the conversation. We went back and forth for a few more minutes, and I relented He said it would take about 2 hours for the money to show in my bank account. As soon as I hung up, I started researching and found this site and all the negative reviews, I immediately texted him and said I do not want to go through with this process and DO NOT deposit or do anything with my bank account!

I told him this is a scam and he needs to discard all my information and to not contact me again. His reply was "Okay As you Wish" I am so glad I caught this in time! All my legitimate loan documents have some in word format as attachments.

I do not think "Sylvester" thought I was going to be checking all this out, but I am so glad I did. I have also contacted my bank letting them know what has happened so that they will refuse any incoming deposits from a place that I have never gotten a deposit from before.

I am super thankful for this form, because I would have been taken to the cleaners! For anyone who is super desperate, I know this sounds great! But it is not real. I am going to start keeping better records of who I am applying to for loans so that if this happens again, I will know not to waste my time.

I used this company a LONG time ago for a couple of payday advances. Which I paid off in a timely fashion. I still have the screenshots of everything.

Literally voicemails A DAY! I have blocked the number on my phone so now I just get instant voicemails that are all blank. When I google the number that called me, it says it belongs to Advance America. I received this email today If you want to resolve the issue, kindly accept the Settlement offer, so that we can suggest you the mode of payment accordingly.

A borrower fraudulently used my phone number for a loan. Three times I tried to reach an operator to address this. I couldn't get through. I understand they need to call a lot to try to collect, that's the nature of the business but I believe the hold times are a scam to get people to not call back. At Express Loans Of America, our associates will help you find the best loan options for your financial needs.

Payday loans are a great option to begin with, as it is a fast way to get the money you want. No need to stress about where to find money to help out your current situation.

Instead, let us help guide you through our payday loans process. This process is easier than you may realize. Complete and submit an application to begin your process. You can now do that from the comfort of wherever you are. Once you have completed the application, you will be instantly approved within a matter of mintues.

The money is yours to do as you please. You will receive all your loan information in a follow up email. This email contains your approved loan amount, your payment amount and the expected due date. The best part about these loan types is that we offer extended payment plans.

If you borrow more than half of your next paycheck and know that you cannot repay all the funds, then let us help. Express Loans Of America can offer you a one time extended payment plan. This will allow you another 30 days to completely pay off your borrowed funds.

Instead of spending your paycheck on unnecessary items, repay your payday loans. Once your borrowed funds are completed, you will now have the option to apply again for another loan of your choice. This option has helped out many families and other customers. The sky is the limit and we can help you get there. But the financial charges can add up quickly. We can help you with finances. Get a quick loan today and enjoy yourself.

Take advantage of being locked in at a lower rate today. Quick and Easy Features. Save Time Apply Online Features. You will be taking to a Secure page for online applications.

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