Victim Spreads Word on Payday Loan Scam, Don’t Be Next

Thank you, Green Dot Corporation. Your account is still blocked. As it stands, I have dipped into my savings for daily expenses. Your email address is now confirmed. Sent ID through website.

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The crooks’ other preferred payment method has become the weapon of choice

 · Fraudsters Scam Victims with the Green Dot MoneyPak Card so the victim isn’t getting her money back. or other elders safe by informing them about the latest scams. Also, NerdWallet Green Dot reloadable debit cards become latest weapon in widespread government grant scams: Internet Scambusters # Reloadable debit cards — especially the top-selling, legitimate Green Dot cards — are the new money-moving method of choice for scammers. Using phony government loans as a front for an advance fee scam, the  · Scams of all kinds have historically involved the victim wiring cash to a stranger, but now that many consumers have gotten wise to this fact, scammers have begun using Green Dot MoneyPak /scammers-now-using-green-dot-moneypak-cards.

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NEW: Crooks Use Green Dot Scam for Advance Fee Fraud

Regularly reviewing your account statements will help you see where your money is going and help identify fraudulent charges. If you see something strange, tell your bank and the billing merchant right away. Look for alternatives to payday loans, such as a credit union loan, and work to budget your money to avoid high-cost borrowing.

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Obama campaigns in Ohio: Half as many people tried heroin for the first time in as in You can have your money as soon as the next business day for transactions completed by 5: Applications received after 5: ET are processed the following business day. Read how it works. Payments are calculated assuming 34 complete, day pay periods.

Partial pay periods will produce alternative payment amounts. Wayne Land was not able to get a loan through a conventional lending company and found Plain Green Loans to be a good alternative. Please enable Javascript in your browser and try again. For decades, a request for a wire transfer through Western Union or MoneyGram has been the calling card of scammers. But with many would-be victims having finally wised up to that red flag, fraudsters are increasingly asking to be paid in another way: Consumers pay cash to put dollar value on the cards, which can then be used for such things as topping off a PayPal account , paying certain utility bills and funding about brands of reloadable prepaid debit cards — which includes the new AARP Foundation PrePaid MasterCard from Green Dot.

Prepaid cards function like traditional checking account debit cards, without the checks. A MoneyPak comes with a scratch-off digit serial number. To transfer funds to a prepaid debit card, holders call or visit the MoneyPak or Green Dot websites and reveal the number. Reveal that — in spite of a warning on MoneyPak cards not to do it — and the crooks can then transfer your MoneyPak funds to their own prepaid debit cards, typically opened under stolen identities, to make their own purchases or ATM withdrawals.

The timing was not coincidental: At the time, the Federal Trade Commission was cracking down on wire-transfer scams. MoneyGram, the second largest wire-transfer company, faced accusations from the commission that it had knowingly allowed fraudulent telemarketers to use its system to bilk consumers out of tens of millions of dollars. People posing as representatives of utility companies call customers saying they should pay their bills with MoneyPak and provide the impostors with the serial number.

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 · Users of these Green Dot MoneyPak cards are reminded to never give anyone those numbers associated with those cards in that doing so gives them instant access to the money on those cards. Anyone with information regarding this type of emerging scam can provide a report or complaint to the FBI at › Home › Atlanta › Press Releases ›  · Use Green Dot Moneypak to send money, reload prepaid cards, and fund online accounts. Click to learn  · Pay Day Loan scams. Here is some advise for anyone receiving phone calls demanding money: DON"T ANSWER THE PHONE! If you have caller ID and you don't recognize the number, don't answer it,and if you don't have caller ID get an answering machine and if someone is threatening you if you don't call them back and pay up,

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